Welcome to bronKode. On this site I will share information regarding SQL database setup, Query optimisation and system architechture.

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  • What I learned while learning Go
    This year I had the need to automate some server functions. Specifically to spin up a new virtual server, download a docker container, download files from an S3 store, execute the docker container on the downloaded files, upload the output files back to S3, remove original file from S3 – and keep track of the progress and success state of each step. While most if not all of the above can be accomplished with Python or even Bash Scripts, I preferred to have this in a type safe language and catch any errors at compile time instead of runtime. Go …

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  • FREE CompTIA Security+ Course. SY0-501 and SY0-601
    If you are in any IT role, or even just want to get a better understanding of network security, this video series is a must watch. Network Chuck is a YouTuber with a knack of explaining complex concepts in a clear and understandable way. Any one at any skill level will take something away from this video series. Links to all the videos below. Episode 0 In this first episode, Chuck introduces us to the changes coming to security+, and the fact that security exams are starting to focus more on cloud hosted solutions like Azure and AWS. Episode 1 …

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  • Setup OpenVPN
    With a global shutdown on normal business operations, access to your office network is no longer optional, it is a necessity. In this article I will show you step by step how to setup a VPN connection to access your office network securely.
  • Free Software For Your Business
    In this article I will introduce you to some great online services you can use to manage your business or interact with customers, and best of all they are completely free. These are all online service I have used myself and can really recommend. 1. Canva If you ever need to create a quick and professional looking image, or even a complete flyer design this site is great. They have subscription options that will allow you build your complete brand identity, but unless you are using the site daily, the free version should do nicely. Just head over to https://www.canva.com/. The …

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  • MS SQL Server Setup Tips
    It is important to setup your windows server correctly for optimum SQL Server performance. The following outlines the most important setup steps to get right. Format Disks with NTFS allocation unit size of 64K Use VMDK Paravirtual or RDM disks Set Max Degrees Of Parallelism to # Cores Set Max Server Memory 90% of system Use 8 Tempdb files Enable High Performance Power Plan Place Page File on Separate disk Install Latest Patches Disks Format Disks with NTFS allocation unit size of 64K The unit of data storage in SQL Server is a 8kb page, and disk I/O operations are …

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